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Loose/Slip Joint

Braun Manufacturing is pleased to offer a selection of quality lift-off hinges, which come in different styles, leaf widths, lengths, thicknesses, orientations and pin lengths to fit any application. Some lift-off hinges, called loose-joint hinges, are double wrapped, with a loose pin fitting into two separate, but identical, leaves. Others, called flag-joint hinges, come in male and female versions, with the male leaf assembly containing a staked pin, and the female leaf having a receptacle for the pin. These may be purchased separately or as a set.

Lift-off hinges, otherwise known as “take-apart hinges” or “slip-joint hinges,” are useful in any situation where a lid or door will be opened frequently. For example, shipping crates or cases typically need lids that are easily removed and replaced. Lift-off hinges also conveniently allow a door to be removed, repainted and replaced, without the use of tools.

The versatile lift-off hinge can have a left-hand, right-hand, or reversible orientation, for use on doors that open either direction. These come with or without drill holes (for mitered hinges).